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Daniel Borchers

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A lifelong conservative, Daniel Borchers is a Vietnam-era military veteran with experience as an intelligence analyst and report writer, editor of Windjammer, an overseas naval newsletter, and a graduate of Excelsior College in New York.

Mr. Borchers is Founder and Editor of BrotherWatch, a newsletter which examines political, social, cultural and religious issues from a Christian conservative perspective. BrotherWatch debuted in August, 1996 and has featured interviews with people across the political spectrum, from Alan Keyes to Alan Colmes.

Mr. Borchers has published articles in The Lambda Report, The Washington Monthly, The Palladium-Item, The Worldwide News, The Last Ditch, The Maryland Star and Expanse magazine, and his letters to the editor have been published in The Washington Times, on MSNBC, and on the Fox News Channel.

Mr. Borchers has appeared on numerous radio talk shows, including The Lonesome Charlie Show, The Joyce Kaufman Show, Louisianna Live with Jim Engster, The Chris Bowman Show, The Richard Kaffenberger Show, Talk of the Town with Evie Ybarra, The Louie Free Show, The Jeff Katz Show, Talkline with Doug Graham, the Doug Stephan Show, Bert Lee Show, The Frank Beckmann Show, Michelson in the Morning, The Brian Shaw Show, The Hal Ginsberg Show, and Basham & Cornell.

Disenchanted by the hypocrisy and corruption which have invaded the Conservative Movement, Mr. Borchers founded Citizens for Principled Conservatism in the fall of 2001. In his role as Founder and President of CPC, Mr. Borchers seeks to reinvigorate principles and ideals within the Conservative Movement and he views the extremist elements within that Movement as both dangerous and self-destructive.

CoulterWatch LogoCitizens for Principled Conservatism is a nationwide network of citizens seeking the restoration of conservative principles and ideals, goals and behavior within the Conservative Movement. We believe that the exaltation of extremist elements within the Conservative Movement is emblematic of the moral and ideological corruption which has invaded Conservatism. CPC seeks to counter this dangerous development.

Mr. Borchers is available for interviews and can be reached at or 240-476-9690.






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